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We aim to be one-stop education center for students applying to the most suitable…

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The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments are constantly introducing new laws and…

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Every year, thousands of foreign workers enter Canada to work temporarily jobs…

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USA Visitor Visa is a tourist visa to US. It is also known as B2 Visa. A visitor visa is …

Welcome to First Step

First Step Education & Immigration Consultancy strives to give you credible and accurate advice in a way that is very easy for you to understand. We constantly monitor immigration law and regulations advising our clients on any changes affecting their business, employees or individual applications. This constant monitoring allows us to anticipate changes that might impact on current and future clients and ensures the best possible application result.

Our mission remains guaranteeing you hassle-free and enjoyable immigration experience, via eradicating the usual involved stress from it. Whether it is prior evaluation, gaining the maximum points, sponsorships, Green Card, Work Visas, documentation–and/or pocketing the permit stamps–you can rest assured that our skilled and experienced visa consultants would be there with you even as they offer prized guidance and the required support to you at each & every visa & immigration step.

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  • I would like to show gratitude to First Step Immigration and especially the head of the immigration consultancy for assisting all through the visa processing. They were commendably supportive throughout the Canada immigration process and thereby would like to thoroughly recommend FSI to anyone thinking of migrating abroad. Thank you FSI once again.

    Jayesh Patel
    Jayesh Patel
  • I am glad that I approached First Step Immigration, as the team of the FSI helped me at every step of the student visa processing and this is not just true for me, the staff of FSI takes each and every student very seriously and be available to answer every student equally. I would want to thank the staff of FSI from the bottom of my heart for what I am today.

    Sapna Chaudhary
    Sapna Chaudhary

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